The Polish Journal of Aesthetics

Issue 31 (4/2013)

Informacje o tomie i spis treści / About the volume and table of contents


Kevin Anthony Hayes Introduction


The History of the Witkacy Movement

Janusz Degler Dedication to the Founding Mother and Fathers

Lech Sokół Daniel Charles Gerould (1928–2012) In Memoriam

Anna Brochocka The History of the Witkacy Collection in Słupsk

Beata Zgodzińska The Witkacy Collection and Exhibition at the Museum of Middle Pomerania in Słupsk

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz The Rules of the Portrait-Painting Firm (trans. Beata Brodniewicz)

Witkacy in the Realm of the Political

Daniel Gerould Witkacy and Conspiracy Theories

Witkacy and Polish Modernism

Anna Żakiewicz Witkacy’s Paintings as Frozen Drama (illustrations)

Małgorzata Vražić Witkiewicz-Father and Son: The Double Portrait

Michael Goddard Cinema, Insatiability and Impure Form: Witkacy on Film

John D. Barlow Witkiewicz’s Theory of Pure Form and the Music of Morton Feldman

Gordon Ramsay Futurism and Witkiewicz: Variety, Separation and Coherence in a Theatre of Pure Form

Between: Philosophy, History and Politics

Agnieszka Marczyk The Witkacy – Cornelius Correspondence, or How to Cure Gout with Transcendental Philosophy

Paweł Polit Philosophical Marginalia by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz

Bryce Lease Cutting the Romantic’s Throat: Witkacy’s Nasty Nightmare

Mark Rudnicki The Profane and the Sacred in Insatiability

Questions of Identity in the Work of Witkacy

Ewa Wąchocka Identity Traps in Witkacy’s Dramas

Dorota Niedziałkowska Witkacy’s Self-Portraits as Manifestations of the Dandy Figure

Christine Kiebuzińska Witkacy and Ghelderode: Goethe’s Faust Transformed into a Grotesque Cabaret

Witkacy in Comparative Perspective

Marta A. Skwara What is still not known about Witkacy’s Intertextuality? An Analysis of Witkacy and Słowacki

J. Greg Perkins Eluding the Void: Art and Humour as Anodynes for Witkiewicz, Beckett and Faulkner

Annex: Witkacy’s Portraits and the Słupsk Collection

Noty o Autorach / Notes on Authors

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