The Polish Journal of Aesthetics
The Polish Journal of Aesthetics

Issue 32 (1/2014)

Informacje o tomie i spis treści / About the volume and table of contents

Bin You and Rafał Banka Preface

Expression in Poetry

Marina Kravtsova On Poetic Discourses and Ways of Expression of ‘Empty’ and ‘Silence’ Categories in the Chinese Lyric Poetry of Six Dynasties (Liu Сhao, III‒VI A.D.) and Tang (VII‒X) Epochs

Sandra A. Wawrytko The Interpenetration of Art and Philosophy in East Asian Poetry: the Metaphysical Threat to the Platonic Hierarchy

Expression in Art

Rafał Mazur Spontaneous Expression and Spontaneous Improvisation ‒ What Contemporary Improvising Artists Can Learn from Chinese Artists-Philosophers

Jinli He, Rafał Banka The Great Body Has No Shape, the Great Art Is Embodied. Conception of Body in Zhang Huan’s Performance Art

Expression in Classical Texts

Marta Kudelska The Hierarchy of the Transcendentals According to the Advaita Vedānta

Katarzyna Pażucha Notes Towards Defining ‘Theory’ (Śāstra) in Sanskrit; Systematic Classification Presented in Rājaśekhara’s Kāvyamīmāṃsā

Anna I. Wójcik The Image of the World in Yijing 易经 – an Attempt to Identify the Intellectual Context Proper to Chinese Philosophy

Agnė Budriūnaitė Tension Between Illusion and Reality in Zhuangzi’s ‘Dream of the Butterfly.’ Philosophical Analysis of Western Reception

Dimensions of Human Life

Bin You To Be Harmonious with the Heaven, the Others and the Self: Late-Ming Christian Literati Li Jiugong’s Meditation and His Comparative Scriptural Interpretation

Chengyou Liu The Virtue Reality of Humanistic Buddhism by Ven. Yinshun

Leszek Sosnowski Body ‒ Tradition ‒ Expression. Remarks om Japanese Culture

Noty o Autorach / Notes on Authors


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