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For Authors

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Editorial Board


  • Leszek Sosnowski

Deputy Editors:

  • Dominika Czakon
  • Natalia Anna Michna

Secretary of the Board:

  • Anna Kuchta

Members of the Editorial Board:

  • Marcin Lubecki (Editorial layout, Typesetting)
  • Gabriela Matusiak
  • Adrian Mróz

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Instructions for Authors:

  1. Only manuscripts written in correct English are accepted. Authors are free to choose whether to use British or American style but are obliged to use one only. Switching between two styles is unacceptable.
  2. The length of the submission should not exceed 40 000 characters with spaces, including the footnotes, abstract, keywords, bibliography and biographical note on the Author;
  3. The text should include: a bibliography (alphabetical order), an abstract (max. 500 characters), keywords (max. 5 words) and a biographical note on the Author;
  4. The bibliography should only include works that are cited in the text and that have been published;
  5. The biographical note on the Author should include: the academic title, affiliation(s), the most important publications and scientific achievements, research interests and an email address;
  6. The main text: 12pt Times New Roman, line spacing 1.5 (please follow Autor guidelines);
  7. Quotations: included in the main text in "quotes";
  8. Emphasis in the text should be marked with expanded character spacing;
  9. The APA referencing system is required as the main style (the Harvard system, with references in brackets in the main text) as well as the "classic" system (the traditional Chicago system) of creating descriptive footnotes (used only to present supplementary content), (please follow Autor guidelines).
  10. For more information please see: Autor guidelines.

All texts, unless written by a native speaker, should be proofread prior to submission by a person for whom English is not a second language. The Editorial Board does not revise foreign-language articles and will limit the revision to brief checks carried out by a native speaker.

Please make sure that the text is complete (with an abstract, keywords, bibliography, and a biographical note on the Author) and does not exceed 40 000 characters with spaces before submission.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to make changes to the text (provisions are made for revisions by the author). 

For the substantive review, the Editorial Board accepts texts, which are correct in terms of language and style. The editors require the verification of linguistic correctness by a native speaker. 

Incomplete texts (without an abstract, keywords, bibliography, or biographical note about the Author) or exceeding the volume of one publishing sheet (over 40 thousand characters with spaces) will not be taken into account by the editors. 

All texts and illustrative materials (unless otherwise stated) are made available publically via Open Access with author attribution for non-commercial use. Authors may only distribute original works with a license identical to the one on which it was made available. 

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